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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, july 11th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris win. let's get a quick look at the forecast with leyla gulen. she's in or lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. welcome, it's of:00 a.m. we will have cooler than average temperatures inland. right now we have some low clouds that are just making their way through the bay area. back and forth we go. you see the low cloud layer making over san francisco as we move from emeryville toward the city and the eastern span of the bay bridge. our day plan he for the next twelve hours, we are starting off on the cloud did i and cooler note. it will eventually make way for some sunshine by noon and 4:00 p.m.. temperatures are going to be reaching 86 degrees in ouric land areas. 76 around the bay and 66 degrees
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along the coast. >> leyla, thank you. to developing news out of vallejo. firefighters are at the scene of a vegetation fire that burned fences and got near homes. crews will stay at the scene of the five acre fire until there are no more hotspots. sky 7hd was above a 45-acre fire about a mile away. the firefighters he want it from reaping homes nearby. a scary story out of the east bay this morning. police say there's a fake officer, complete with an official s.u.v., stalking people. an employee at the lawrence livermore national laboratory said she was followed all the way to tracey by what appeared to be a livermore police s.u.v.. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story.
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>> reporter: the reason they know it wasn't an officer, the police officers only use ford explorer s.u.v.s and all have specific painting on the side and that's not the type of vehicle that was following the lab employee. >> you notice the white s.u.v. followed her. it was a chevy suburban she thought. the white tahoe or suburban had a police light bar open top and unlike real police cars with simple livermore police letters, it has the words capitalized and uncapitalized. the caller said the s.u.v. followed her for miles along greenville and tesla road all the way to tracey. because she was unnerved, she never went home and drove off on to a private driveway and then the s.u.v. drove by. the next day she gave employees a heads-up of what happened. >> another employee came forward and said they saw a similar -- they saw what they believe was the same vehicle described traveling on the road. it was going northbound. >> investigators hope that
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anyone who spots the suspicious s.u.v. around the lab or around town will give police a call. and if they ever think a phony cop is trying to pull them over, call 911 immediately. in livermore sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> happening now, if you driving in san francisco this weekend, keep in mind the approach to the bay bridge is closed until monday morning. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. some people didn't get the word about the closer and they certainly paid for it. katie marzullo has more. >> the closer at doyle avenue came as a surprise to some. >> i don't know what doyle is, all i know is how to get up to santa rosa and that's going across the golden gate bridge. >> in his defense, he lives in phoenix. but this man lives in continue i don't know and he was also
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caught off-guard. >> >> it's a big surprise, and it's like an adventure. it took us 90 minutes for a 15-minute drive on the way in. >> he had better luck leaving san francisco. check out the traffic leaving the golden gate bridge at 6:15 in the evening. wide open. southbound traffic around the same time, almost at a standstill. it turned out to be a good alternative because of added service across the bay. the golden gate bridge district reports 1,000 extra riders from the larkspur terminal near the morning commute. one man said his commute had 33 people on board instead of ten. >> it was kind of fun any. >> at the end he was stuck at the end of a very long line. >> never seen it like this. it's only half the distance, less than half the distance. >> but he easily made it on board. overall, smooth sailing on this rare commute day road closer. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> the doyle drive closer stopped a drunk driver trying to
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get away from the highway patrol yesterday. he crashed his mustang on the golden gate bridge. he then got boxed in by a line of chp cruisers who happened to be stationed at the closer. they had to break out his window to arrest him. to get through all the traffic this weekend be sure to download on your smartphone or tablet our abc7 news app. we will also let you know as soon as doyle drive reopens. >> a bart train narrowly missed hitting a woman who fell on to the tracks last night. it was at the north martinez station. rescue workers pulled the woman this safety while the tracks were closed. she was taken to the hospital. they do not suspect any foul play. >> a bargaining team for the
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largest employee union for workers to santa clara county will meet to discuss the next step after members discussed a new four-year contract proposal. the meeting stopped a strike that started just over a week ago. right now 9,000 county workers including 911 dispatch workers hospital lab technicians and social workers are working without a contract. pay, staffing and healthcare contributions are the key sticking points. forensic investigators have confirmed a gun found in the bay was used to shoot and kill a woman in san francisco. francisco sanchez has been charged with the murder of kate steinle on pier 14 last week. sheriff ross mirkarimi defended his actions yesterday, keeping sanchez in san francisco after an arrest instead of turning him over to immigration officials. he said i.c.e. did not make the proper request. >> had i.c.e. sought to request a legal order or warrant, the san francisco sheriff's department naturally, and will always comply and would have complied if that legal order or
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warrant would have been presented to us. i.c.e. responded saying it strongly disagrees with mirkarimi, adding despite a formal request from i.c.e. to the sheriff's department seeking notification of his impending release, the individual was released without notifying i.c.e. 6:307, the time. republican presidential candidate donald trump has been vocal about the shooting blaming an unsecure border. yesterday he held a news conference in los angeles after meeting with the families of americans who were killed by undocumented immigrants. one of the families lost a son in san francisco. donald trump said mexico and other governments are taking advantage of our border and immigration laws. >> they are sending criminals to us, and we're putting those criminals in jail, oftentimes after they have killed somebody or hurt somebody >> the father of drew rosenberg
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met with trump yesterday. rosenberg was killed by an undocumented immigrant in 2010 after being hit on his motor cycle and them run over several times. the man served 43 days in jail and was deported after a long court battle involving rosenberg's father. don rosenberg doesn't want undocumented immigrants to be allowed to drive. >> during the hearing you hear they have to work, they contribute, and they have to take kids to school. and that's the reason why it's okay they kill people. >> he is talking about by brothers and sisters the working community and we're not criminals. >> he calls his criminals and rapists, we are none of the above. >> demonstrators protested outside the news conference. a much bigger protest is expected to meet trump at his stop in phoenix today. >> a nice morning for an early morning jog, i would agree with
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that. we have beautiful conditions. you see a bit of a low cloud layer. there is humidity in the east bay. definitely sunshine later on today. temperatures might be mild this weekend. wait for the warmup. it's on its way. >> thank you. also ahead audience members pushing actors to their breaking point. why people just can't seem to put away their phones. and plus, the newest injury in the race to the future. it won't go fast but it will go far and without a drop of
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>> welcome back. a check of the full accuweather forecast with leyla coming up in a bit. >> ellen pao is out as ceo of reddit after a heated posting. the sudden firing of an employee she was called out. pao said she's stepping down because she disagrees with the board of directors' vision for the future. however, she'll still consult for the board. reddit's co-founder, steve hoffman, will take over as ceo.
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check this out. a dashboard camera caught a cycling cell phone thief this week. a man on a bike swiped her i-phone right out of her hands. the 31-year-old woman tried to chase the man down, who the man whose dashboard camera recorded the incident gave chase, too. police say that no one was hurt, but no arrests have been made. speaking of cell phones, an increasing number of artists say the devices are disrupting their shows. it happened during a recent broadway show at new york's lincoln center and you are about to see what a star did. abc7 news reporter, janet, spoke with theater goers in san jose to get their reaction. >> broadway star patti lupone is being applauded in more ways than one. she had enough when she saw someone texting during her performance. she snatched the phone away. >> she was sitting in the second seat and she was oblivious to everybody except for herself and her phone. >> we spoke to patrons at the stage company who say they pay good money to see a live show,
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but all too often gets disrupt by someone near them. >> it's dark in the theater and your cell phone light goes on, you are pretty much distracted by the cell phone light and not watching the form answer in the theater. >> you are there to enjoy the show. >> randall king, the co-founder of stage company, said while cell phones make it distracting for his employers, he's not entirely disenchanted by cell phone dependency because he knows some things can't be replaced, even by a phone. cast members say ultimately it comes down to respect. >> i think it's less about the live theater but thinking about other people in general. >> and that means if just for a few hours focus what's in front of you and not what is in your hands. in san jose, janet o abc7 news. >> on thursdays i-team showed you how squatters are causing a crime wave in oakland. now you will see a man trying to do the opposite.
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you see a man squatting in one of the highest crime areas a few years ago. cleaned up the yard and house. dicaprio hopes to own it soon thanks to adverse possession. a person can claim title to the it property if the land is occupied continuously for five years and they pay all the taxes. >> it goes way back to the founding of the u.s., where people would stake claims to land, and then they would do whatever, they would minor farm or ranch, and they were presumed to be the owners. >> dicaprio researched the area and found a home where the owner passed away with no surviving heirs. >> gas prices spike overnight of after a new report of declining in california. it is up from $3.49 cents a gallon but significantly down from $4.12 cents a year ago. >> we have to gut our way
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through as motorists. we don't think it has long-term impact. a lot has to do with the exxon mobile refinery that had an explosion in the spring. it still isn't up and that's having an impact. the bay area average right now is $3.47 a gallon. experts say prices could soar from 20 cents to 50 cents a gallon over the next week. every few years a group of stanford's finest engineers make a trip to australia with one very funny-looking car. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom, explains, it's a competition that puts their skills to the ultimate test. >> that is about the loudest noise you will hear out of this car. in just a few months it will be quietly zipping through the australian outback in a five-day race with vehicles powered by nothing but sunlight. the car is covered in solar cells.
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>> imagine running a toaster and trying to have your car run on that amount of energy. >> but stanford students have gotten good at this. we were there two years ago as they finished their last car, called luminose. it placed fourth at the race. that design was all about aerodynamics, and the new car takes it to the extreme. >> the major difference is you have the driver on the right side and battery back on the left side. the previous car had a driver in the middle. it reduced drag by 10% but created a new problem. now the steering wheel was off-center. >> if you think about it, every car on the road has that. for us, that was very complicated. >> with all the work that's gone into the car, getting to be the one to drive it would be glamorous more, but it's kind of gloomy. this car is definitely not built for comfort.
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>> we wanted to be more aggressive about the design so we made the compartment inside. >> temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees and forget good mirrors. a driver warns other people about kangaroos. >> the driver relies on the entire convoy to see what's going on because you have very low visibility. win or lose, they have gone on to work at tesla and on google self-driving cars. >> it's one of the greatest things the school offers. >> at stanford, jonathan bloom abc7 news. happening today, the avon 37 walk to end breast cancer begins at fort mason at 7:00 a.m. these are photos from last year's walk. it covers 39 miles of the scenic north bay. they will be back in san francisco sunday. funds raised goes toward breast cancer research and care programs. >> leyla is in for lisa argen
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this morning. >> if you can make the walk i suggest you do. it supports breast cancer radio he search. i'll have your avon forecast in just a moment. right now we are taking a look at live doppler 7hd radar satellite. so far it's pretty quiet. we have some low clouds, and those are mostly over the east bay. we've commonly see them go, but by the afternoon they will eventually clear. let's take a look from our mt. tam camera. what a beautiful start. a pretty start to the day. sun looks like a diamond in the sky. so nice. santa rosa 61 degrees. 59 degrees novato. 6 is degrees in concord with a mere 63 degrees. and radar satellite showing the area of low pressure which is actually keeping our temperatures in the east bay below average. it's in the circular motion. that is what is causing the relatively mild conditions. as it moves toward the east we will eventually see a ridge of high pressure later on this
6:20 am
week. now talking about quarter vapor we have humid conditions for our east bay residents. so if you are headed out, you might want a nice bottle of cold water because it will feel a little bit on the warmer side and with all the sunshine. we also have a giants game today. they take on the phillies at at&t park. 53 degrees going to be the starting degrees. 61 degrees by the end of the game. sunset at 8:33. now for the avon walk for breast cancer as we head toward san francisco and there corda madera. cloudy conditions to get going. 60 degrees. 54 degrees by 10 :00 a.m. the clouds will increase more before they dissipate. 2:00 p.m., 68 degrees and sunshine. and you are hooking at mid-70s for folks in corda madera. pack the sunscreen and plenty of sunshine. the highs around the state iraq ka 54 degrees. we start traveling down through
6:21 am
central california you will start to see the temperatures cool down a little bit. normally 82 degrees in yosemite. higher there. the 1 in press no. 74 in los angeles. 100 degrees in palm springs. our temperatures for today, our high necessary the south bay 77 degrees in milpitas, 76 degrees in santa cruz along the peninsula. 77 degrees in menlo park, 76 in san mateo. and the mid-60s along the coast. 64 degrees in daly city. 69 in south san francisco near sfo. the north bay we have 74 at petaluma, 78 degrees in napa, 65 at stinson beach. in the east bay 73 and mild in oakland. 75 union city. 76 in fremont. sunshine for our inland areas 893 degrees. pittsburgh 85 and antioch warm at 86 degrees. the low for tonight, pretty mild. clouds come pack. we will be left with mid-to upper 50s, lower 60s. the and accuweather seven-day forecast, the temperatures, they
6:22 am
are comfortable for today and tomorrow when it really starts to turn up the temperatures turn up right around weapons day, thursday and friday with 90 temperature reading in the inland areas. lower 80s for the bay, and upper 60s along the coast. about you all in all, i have to say it is a five-star game. no weather advisories whatsoever. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free. we also have more information at >> leyla, i don't think i have ever heard the sun order to as a canary diamond >> you see where my mind is right? >> diamondbacks are girls' best friends, right? thank you. a behind the s
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>> this morning federal officials are warning boater to be careful near the marin coast because of the number of whales. it's within a great whale watching season so far. but officials are are warning boats and larger vessels to keep their distance from the whales, all of whom fall under the marine protection act.
6:26 am
115 endangered whales were seen in just one hour. veterans at the san diego zoo are keeping an eye on a possibly pregnant panda. they shot this video yesterday. she was artificially inseminated four months ago after several unsuccessful natural breeding sessions. she already has six cubs. they say she's nesting and spending a lot of time in her so-called panda bedroom. the force is getting stronger this morning. a new behind the scenes footage of the new movie star wars. the video shows new creatures new sets and very familiar faces. "the force awakens" comes out on december 18th. disney owns the franchise and is also the parent company of abc7. much more hi head on the saturday morning news. a historic ground break just hours away after years of work.
6:27 am
why organizers fought so hard to build a korean war memorial in san francisco. and plus on the lookout for a hidden planet and how technology is giving them a big
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good morning. it's 6:30. it's half past the hour. that's correct for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. let's get a first look at the weather with lease gulen. she's in for lisa argen this morning. >> hi, earn. i want to show you this pretty view from our roof camera this is the ferry building. you see the flags. they are ever so slightly flapping in the winds. we have mild winds today but the cloud cover is hang right over the east bay. it will eventually make way for sunshine. in fact, you see plenty of sunshine by noon today with 76 degrees. still below average today. 70 degrees around the bay. 66 along the coast. once we get to 4:00 p.m., shows 70s turn into 70s. 76 in the bay. i have a warmer forecast coming up in a few minutes.
6:31 am
chris >> leyla, thank you. new this morning, president obama is renewing a call for fair housing. in his weekly radio address, the president explains that where a person lives often determines what opportunities they have in life. he added minorities are still being segregated in poor neighborhoods. and that his administration is taking steps to make it he's year for communities to implement the fair housing act. >> president obama: we are using data on housing areas to help cities identify the areas that need the most help. we are doing more to help communities meet their own goals. and by opening up this data to everybody, everyone in the community, not just elected officials, can weigh in. >> mr. obama said while the u.s. doesn't guarantee equal outcomes, we do strive to guarantee an equal shot at opportunity.
6:32 am
happening today, historic ground break fourth a korean war memorial at san francisco's presidio national cemetery. it marks years of work to get the memorial established. many think the memorial is long overdue. of a more than 30,000 graves in the cemetery. 7233 are veterans of the korean war. >> this is called the forgotten war because i don't think history gives it the kind of attention it should, it was a good project. it also kept me out of the house. >> retired marine lieutenant colonel john stevens headed the project. he will be in attendance this morning for the groundbreaking ceremony that begins at 10:00. you can head to our website for more information at new details this morning n.a.s.a. has revealed the explosion of the spacex rocket last month cost taxpayers $110 million. the unmanned rocket was headed to the international space station on a resupply mission. but just two minutes into the flight disaster. more than 4,000 pounds of food
6:33 am
clothing and science experience went up in smoke. n.a.s.a. also said it paid spacex 80% of the fee it was scheduled to receive for the mission >> a few years ago researchers discovered an invisible planet. they know it's there, but they just can't see it. now some u.c. researchers have found ways to find planets while they are asleep. eric thomas looks inside the automated planet finder. >> this is an artist's representation of the three-planet system we discovered. >> you can say it's all in a night's work for lauren, but the process takes longer. that's why lauren and her team members at the university of california set out to supercharge a telescope known as the automated planet finder. >> the automated planet finder is a telescope that's dedicated for looking at wobbles of the stars and finding the planets around them. >> the telescope is situated at the observatory near san jose. it searches for planets that are
6:34 am
essentially invisible, washed out by the light of the stars they orbit. so the telescope hones in on movement or wobbling that suggests a star is being pulled by gravity from a hidden planet. for years they had to work through the night to keep it centered on would bling stars and then they had a better idea. >> we wrote a computer program to replace ourselves so we can go to sleep. >> the software makes human-like judgments, from only opening the hatch on clear, dry nights to swinging the telescope to exact positions at exactly the right times. and after months of automated automation -- >> we found a nearby star that has three super earth-type plan planets. >> the central star has the somewhat uninspiring name of hd-7924. but for the recently newly discovered planets orbiting it. >> i think everyone should get to name their own planet.
6:35 am
>> maybe eric's star. just a thought. one orbits the sun on a 30-day cycle. this marks the tenth year abc7 has celebrated student achievement with the scholar programs. every year we reward scholarships toward the college education. abc7 news anchor dan ashley met one who earned a degree from oakland at the age of 14. ♪ ♪ >> john identifies himself as a musician, athlete and dancer. he's also a hard-working student who has overcome adversity. growing up poor and gay in oakland. >> given my background and the love of the bay area i personally feel driven to give back to people in my same situation. >> this straight-a student dead indicates many hours giving back to his community and he's head
6:36 am
ed to stanford university in the fall to study chemistry. >> i'm interested in studying the science of addiction because that is close to home for me. >> you are a smart and ambitious guy but there's something about you that wants to see how good you can get at everything, right? >> yeah. one thing i say is never settle. i never want not go for 100%. >> he amazes me almost every day because i find out something new about what he's done for the community. >> john has organized volunteer service projects for oakland's homeless shelters and revived open text clear straight alliance group to help connect students and teachers with the lbgt community. >> it's been a great experience, and it's definitely i've been able to see my capacity to expand as a leader, and emotionally, too. >> congratulations on being one of our star scholars. we are really proud of you. >> to be a star scholar is a great opportunity, i think, to show somebody who is able to work past some of the problems that happened in oakland and to
6:37 am
to show that if you make the right choices and work hard you really can go somewhere. >> and john is going somewhere. dan ashley, abc7 news. >> and you can watch our abc7 star scholar special tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. to learn more about john and the other abc7 star scholars this year. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. the big surge and demand for water in contra costa county and how they are giving it away for free. but first, don't forget about the doyle drive closer on 101. here's a look at you are a emeryville camera. lisa is off today but leyla gulen is here ande a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars
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>> welcome back. time right now is 6:40. great to have you with us on this saturday morning. the current temperature is 61 degrees in san francisco. lisa is working the evening shift tonight but we will check in with leyla for the bay area forecast in just a little bit >> one library is doing more than just feeding minds this summer, it's feeding children. this is one. 80 sites in santa rosa mayo
6:41 am
where kids can get a free lunch through the summer program. it fills the gap for children's who depend on lunch programs for healthy meals. more than 200 parents and children participate in the weekday program at the library. >> it's always wonderful to see the volunteers there helping in our community. let's look at the weather. >> this is sack cruz. we have some clouds out there, but it looks relatively calm. temperature 57 degrees with some patchy fog. a high today in santa cruz is going to be 69 degrees. we are having pretty mild conditions around the bay area for the weekend. but the temperature gets much hotter coming up later open this week. >> leyla, thanks. see you soon. >> also ahead, a record-breaking night for the giants at at&t park that included a different kind of splash hit by determined
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the water is free but the lines are long. it's one more sign of what some of us are doing to beat the drought. martinez is the latest place in the bay area to have people rushing for free water. and almost everyone there wanted to save their garden. >> this martinez woman is watering her plants with a hose in the middle of the day. a no-no under the current drought restrictions but this is
6:45 am
okay because the water is recycles and coming from a tank in her truck. >> without this water, we wouldn't be able to water the lawns or keep up our gardens or other plants that we have. >> six days a week there's a steady stream of people lining up to take their share of free recycled water, offered by the central contra costa sanitary district. up to 300 gallons per district. -- or pervisity. >> it's pretty dry. >> usually twice a day. >> the program started late last year. it really didn't take off until now. >> it absolutely has been hopping here. every day on the order of 100,000 gallons of recycled water. the program has now exceeded 2 million gallons. >> concord's mike hanson said he's now watering his lawn and garden almost exclusively with this stuff. >> we have a pretty good-size garden in the back and have a transfer pump. we transfer all this in a 275-gallon container and that supplements me for the whole week >> those who take advantage
6:46 am
should be aware. 300 gallons of water weighs more than 2,000 pounds. users should be certain their truck, trailer or car is capable of carrying as much as they take. in martinez, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> 6:46 the time. people really getting creative when it comes to watering their plants and keeping everything up. >> we need the rain so bad but we aren't going to get in this weekend. it will be dry but mild. >> let's look at the radar satellite. we have low clouds hanging over many parts of the bay area. right now we have some low level moisture redominantly in the east bay. that will make way for plenty of sunshine later today if you take a look from the sfo camera. a beautiful shot. you see the clouds as they start to envelope san francisco. it will eventually burn off. forecast for today, mild with the clouds. warm and sunny this weekend.
6:47 am
90s, though, they return next week. i'll have your accuweather forecast come up in a few minutes. no different in san jose. you take a look at downtown san jose. and the clouds, they are there. they will be there to stay for the next few hours. current temperatures relatively mild. san francisco 60 degrees. 61 oakland, 58 in mountain view 59 degrees in san jose. morgan hill at 57. half moon bay warmer and 59 degrees. the coastal areas are going to be on the warmer side. a little warmer than -- warmer seasonally than they will be inland. here's a look at the radar and satellite. the area of low pressure to the east of us, but it is circling around. it is trough that will eventually move its way out and bring us warmer temperatures next week. the game for tonight, giants take on the phillies, first pitch at 7:05. under some clouds. 53 degrees. 61 degrees by the end of the game. 8:33 is the time the sup will set. a lot of events happening around the bay area today. avon's walk for breast cancer is
6:48 am
going to be a pretty comfortable, but you want to pack the sunscreen because with all the sunshine you want to keep your skin safe. we have 60 degrees. 64 by 10:00 a.m. the clouds will breakaway, 68 degrees. 74 degrees once the rains play. it would be mild and comfortable around the state today temperatures going to be decent. 87 in chico. not bad. warmer in press no. 100 degrees in palm springs. and fairly mild in los angeles at 74 degrees. here at home, our bay area highs going to reach the upper 70s to lower 80s for the south bay. 83 degrees in los gatos. 73 degrees in santa cruz. palo alto, 66. san francisco downtown 68 degrees. a couple degrees cooler along the coast. and the sunset district. 64 degrees at bodega guy. 74 in petaluma. sunshine in napa at 78. we are looking mild in the east
6:49 am
bay, 73 degrees in oakland. 76 in castro valley. moving inland is where we are going to have mostly sunshine and warmer temperatures 86 degrees in brentwood 83 degrees in livermore, 80 in san raw mope. the lows for tonight again, the clouds will come in. fog along the coast. leaving our temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. take a look. 80-degree temperature readings in the inland areas. mid-70s for the bay and mid-60s along the coast. those temperatures, they will give way to some pretty warm temperatures, in the 90s inland. so take advantage of this night weather while we have it. >> yeah. pleasant day, especially for everyone heading out to the giants game tonight. >> absolutely. >> leyla, thank you. turning to sports speaking of which the giants will welcome the lucky 50 millionth fan to at&t park tonight. the last night the giants made history while routing
6:50 am
philadelphia. breaking their af and t park record with 22 hits. here's rick quan with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. madison bumgarner and cole hamill. it turned into a blowout. hot dogs should not be eaten with a helmet on. this young man would not have much to cheer about for philly. one of his worse starts, he struck out 7. giants broke it open in the fourth. angel pegan drives in a run with this hit up the middle. with the bases loaded, hunter pence takes hamill deep to right for the grand slam. hamill was roughed up for 9 runs and 12 hits. in the seventh, joe panik added two more runs. and this ball bounces off the right field bleachers in mccovey cove. the giants with a season-high 15 runs and 22 hits that. fan was determined to get a souvenir, and did, despite nearly drowning
6:51 am
>> oakland was at cleveland. former a's outfielder brandon moss had a chance to say hi to his old team. but moss was not so happy to face a's rookie kendall graveman, who struck him out twice. he bears this big chopper and fires to first for the out. after graveman left in the sixth with the bases loaded, things got ugly. drew forced in a pair of runs with back-to-back walks. michael brantley brings in two more runs with a single. 5-1 would be the final. and danny salazar got the victory. came within one out of pitching a complete game. a month after winning the nba championship, would you believe the warriors were back in action last night against cleveland? it was a summer league game in las vegas. no steph curry or lebron, but a lot of young warriors. first-round pick moony had his moments. golden state led at the half. and they take one more look. mcadoo with a game-high 20 points.
6:52 am
nice passing by the warriors sets him up for 2 of his 14. former stanford cardinal stars jason randall got in on the action, knocking down a three. just like the nba finals, the warriors beat the cavs. 83-75. the earthquakes played host to houston. the dynamo got on the board in the tenth minute. and clark scores off the header. a late goal made the final 2-0 houston. with four games left in the regular season, the sabercats have already clinched the pacific division title. last night they put the hex on this guy. he comes in around 315 pounds. san jose wins, 56-35. meyers threw for seven touchdowns and ran for another. that is sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. have a great day. >> and this morning there are
6:53 am
clues that steph curry's wife has given birth to a baby girl. around midnight steph tweeted my wife is a champ. and his sister tweeted so happy. she retweeted her brother's tweet and then sent to the tweet, oakland bound in the a.m. we will let you know when there is official confirmation. >> the espy awards. fan voting is underway right now. go to our website for a link to cast your ballot. abc7 news will be covering the espies in los angeles on wednesday. look for our live report starting wednesday at 4:00 p.m. the espies air right here on abc7 at 8:00 p.m. followed by abc7 news at 11:00. up next, the celebration of a teacher's vision where a new skate park will open in the east bay.
6:54 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions drawing. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $123 million. happening today an oakland high school teacher's vision to help his community will open today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. it mark the completion of town park skate park in west oakland. community activist keith took it upon himself to build the skateboard park. he recruited volunteers and with with a generous donation from
6:57 am
levi's it will be the only skate park in that area of oakland. >> nice weather for the rest of the day. >> yeah. and here's a view of the ferry budding. plenty of sunshine from our kgo news camera. something you need to know for the next few hours, with those daytime temperatures you will need the sunscreen. with all the sunshine it be on the warmer side. you have the sunny condition was 86 degrees inland, 7 of around the bay, 66 along the coast. comfortable and mild. >> leyla, thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. news continues now online on social media and an owl of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. see you then.
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so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning, america. new overnight. football fiasco. another florida state player suspended charged with punching a woman. it comes just days after the team's quarterback caught on camera punching another woman. our exclusive this morning with the prosecutor and the reaction from the school. what is going on here? close call. the drone flying right near the airport, the pilot shocked. the faa investigation right now. is your flight at risk? caught on camera. driving in reverse. >> only in l.a. only in l.a. >> look at this. the driver stunned by this crazy maneuver down a winding road for miles the wrong way. how police are now trying to track this person down.


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